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This service is meant for women especially before their wedding. Ladies who used to wear low back blouses and who is not having a smooth back because of pigmentation and breakouts due to dandruff issues can undergo back shine service. The service comprises of microdermabrasion and pigment reducing peels. It is done at an interval of 2 weeks alternating peels and microdermabrasion procedure each 2 sittings to improve the back and give the smooth and shiny back.

It is customised according to the client's need. The bridal package includes many services like Brightening Peels, Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy and Photofacial rejuvenation. It is customised according to the client's skin and their need. Available and it is customised according to the client's Skin and their need. Most of the times, it is a combination Treatment comprising Brightening Peels, Skin Polishing, Meso-Therapy etc.

Types of Packages:
• 30 days Package
• 60 days Package
• 90 days Package

3. CRYOLIPOLYSIS (Cool Sculpting):
Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting is a safe and effective method of freezing and eliminating stubborn fat. Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. The Cryolipolysis procedure uses controlled cooling to target the fat cells under the skin. Over time our body eliminates the dead fat cells. CoolSculpting is a proven technology to reduce body fat. The treatment is customised according to the patients need and the specific areas of the body to be treated. The results are long term and it eliminates fat which bothers you without any surgery.

Treatment for the below issues:
• Double Chin
• Bra Fat
• Belly Bulge
• Love Handles
• Muffin Top
• Back Fat
• Outer and Inner Thighs

• No downtime
• No pain
• Safe procedure
• No side effects

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat from specific areas of the body and helps in reshaping and slimming of the body. The stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise and diet can be removed by liposuction.

What are the body areas that can be treated?
• Abdomen
• Waist
• Thighs
• Back
• Buttocks
• Neck
• Chin
• Upper Arms

• Multiple areas can be treated in one sitting
• Larger areas can be treated
• Consistent results

Lipomas are benign tumours arising out of fat cells. The common sites of Lipoma are head and neck, shoulders, back and upper limbs. They are always painless, mobile and soft in consistency. The overlying skin is always normal. Lipomas can be diagnosed clinically without any blood investigations and the removed tumour may be sent to laboratory for confirmation of diagnosis.

Treatments of Lipoma:
1. Simple Excision
2. Liposuction
3. Non-surgical Excision

Surgical Excision:
• Incision and Pressure Method
• Punch Excision (or) Enucleation Method

Benefits of Punch Excision:
• No suture
• No scar


Liposuction method of removal of lipoma uses a large bore needle and a syringe

Non-Surgical Methods:

This involves multiple injections of different chemicals into the lipoma to reduce the size of the lipoma. Different chemical compounds that can be used for treatment are

1. Phosphotidylcholine ( PDC ) and Deoxycholate (DC )
2. Triamcinolon acetonide
3. Collagenases

Benefits of Injections:
• No sutures
• No scar
• Less downtime

Unwanted hairs can be removed permanently by laser both in men and women.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:
• No need of waxing
• Pain free
• Permanent solution
• No side effects
• No burns
• No pigmentation
• Safe
• Cost Effective

Types of Lasers:
• Diode Laser
• Long - pulsed NdYag Laser

Causes of excess hair over the face and body could be related to PCOS syndrome or it could be due to genetic reasons. If it is associated with Polycystic ovaries it should be treated parallely with hormonal tablets to regulate menstrual cycle and lasers are done for hair reduction. If the patient is overweight, exercise and diet advice are given to reduce the weight.

Which Body areas lasers can be done?
• Face and Neck
• Under Arms
• Chest
• Abdomen
• Bikini
• Hands and Legs

How the laser is done?

These lasers work on the principle of selective Photothermolysis of melanin particle present in the hair follicles causing selective destruction of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. Laser is chosen depending upon the patient's skin type and hair thickness.

Men having excess hair all over the body can reduce the hair by laser permanent hair reduction without any pain. It is a safe and effective method to reduce body hair.

Which Body areas lasers can be done?
• Whole body
• Arms
• Chest
• Back
• Eyebrow shaping
• Beard shaping

How the laser is done?

It is done after shaving the hair and cleansing the area to be lased. Eyes are protected by using an eye shield. Laser is done at 4 weeks interval for 4 to 6 sittings and after that maintenance treatment of one sitting every year can be done.

It is a very common condition that occurs over the face, scalp and body. It is diagnosed easily by its appearance. It has a central punctum which shows the obstruction of the pilosebaceous duct. Usually it is smaller in size and soft to firm in consistency to touch. If it is infected it can enlarge in size and becomes painful in nature. When it is infected surgical excision can be done only after treating the cyst with antibiotic tablets for 1 week to 10 days. In some cases even after removal recurrences are common.

Types of Treatments:
• Simple Surgical Excision
• Punch Biopsy Excision
• Radio Frequency Excision

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder which causes white patches in the skin due to destruction of melanocyte which is a colour giving cell to the body. Vitiligo is usually treated by creams, tablets, phototherapy and camouflage.
When there is failure of response to medical line of management, surgical treatment is another option for treatment of vitiligo. Vitiligo Surgery can be done for cases of stable vitiligo. When there is development of no new vitiligo patches in the skin it is called as stable vitiligo. Depending upon the site, size of Vitiligo and the patients expectation Vitiligo Surgery is chosen to match the surrounding normal skin.

Goals of vitiligo surgery:
• To bring back the near normal pigmentation that matches the surrounding normal skin
• As vitiligo is considered a social stigma , surgical treatment helps to improve the social and mental wellbeing of the patient

What are the surgical treatment options?
• Miniature punch grafting
• Suction blister grafting
• Thin split thickness skin grafting
• Autologous non cultured epidermal cell suspension

Tattoos anywhere on the body can be removed by laser. Tattoos are done as a sign of love or for aesthetic reasons. They come for tattoo removal when they are in regret phase for their tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is safe with less downtime as the laser technology has significantly improved in the recent years. The results are good with modern laser treatment.

Types of Treatments:
• Pico
• Nd Yag

• Safe procedure
• Less downtime

How much sittings required?

It depends on two main factors like colour and depth of penetration of pigment that is used with tattooing. It can go up to 4 to 6 sittings. It is done at an interval of 1 month. The success of tattoo removal depends on the wavelength of laser that is used for different colours of tattoo pigment.

Partial or complete ear lobe tears are common these days because of the habit of wearing heavy ear rings and also because of aging.
After giving small injection, just below the ear lobes to make the ear painless repair is done either by suturing or by using glue. Also the repair can be complete or partial leaving a small portion of the original hole to allow for wearing ear rings .If the repair is complete suturing of the tear then ear piercing has to be done after the suture removal.

It is done for cultural, religious and aesthetic reasons. Ear piercing is also done after ear lobe repair. Ear and nose piercing is done with a pistol or gun loaded with gold plated ear or nose rings. After a gap of 1 week they can wear their own ornaments. Ear piercing is done for children, women and also men by Gunshot ear piercing

• No pain
• No infection risk
• Safe procedure

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